November 30, 2006

November 29, 2006

Not ex nihilo

A blue bottle fly, so indolent that I vacuumed it off a mirror with a dustbuster, arrived with the roast chicken. When chicken bones go in the trash, a fly or two appears out of nowhere, even in my home reasonably screened against intruders large and small. The toad on my lanai didn't appear to eat flies. Or anything else that I could see. How it got here, two stories up, and not a pond in sight, was another unknown. It sat nestled in the moss of an orchid where it slept most of the time, when it wasn't napping.

November 28, 2006

Lights up

The Christmas lights went up today at the condo. With no help from our maintenance man, who belongs to a religious sect that regards such folly as unholy. “Are you expecting Santa Claus to stop by?” he said. He’s a sweetheart most of the time. Just don’t get him started.

Weird, what religion does to people, and to its quarry – like Jesus for starters. No wonder he had to deconstruct the whole sorry contraption. But that's for another season. Now the lights are up. And my favorite radio station switched to all carols, all the time, two weeks ago. And I switched stations. Somewhere between the annual tinsel storm and religion’s mad parallel universe, there’s a sweetly shining star - there it is... just over the horizon... and straight on til morning.

November 27, 2006

Just looking

After finding it dead, I charged my motorcycle battery all night and coaxed the bike back to life after dumping a bit of fuel into the carburetor. The little 250 cc Suzuki rice burner, torquey as a dragonfly, was always an eager beast, prone to leap from a trembling standstill, and take me with it.

But I end up mindlessly trolling the shady neighborhoods off the golf course, going slow, letting the dappled serenity wash over me. Pieces of domesticity appear and slide away. In this airy lassitude there's a growing sense that I may recover the sheer pleasure in just looking.

November 26, 2006