March 31, 2013

March 7, 2013

In the sand

There’s a small lakeside park not far from around here, a bike ride, where I sometimes go to read and sip coffee, at a picnic table sheltered by palms on a swath of beach. 

I was there yesterday. I rode my bike down through the sand and propped it against a palm tree at the edge of the lake, near the picnic table. 

After reading for a while I put the book away, and noticed the graceful curved track that my bike had left in the sand. To honor that curve, and not add to it, I departed by way of the shore, where the new track would soon be washed away by the waves. Looking back to admire the crease in the sand once more, it occurred to me that a sensitive observer might ponder that long suave S and conclude that bike and rider had calmly ridden into the lake to never emerge again.

March 3, 2013