November 26, 2012

Correspondence / 9

I enjoyed your meditations on autumn - new beginnings, yes, and butterflies. La de dah, la de dum - 'tis Autumn. The praying mantis is an elegant creature, a slender old parson. I wonder who had the bright idea of starting the new year in the middle of winter. It should start with the autumnal equinox, in my opinion.

The association you mentioned seems to have turned out to be a false karass - a granfaloon. They often do. But as you know I'm wary of kingdoms of any kind. Go in peace. 

You wrote: " I've come to realize that nothing has changed.  Nothing.  Halleluyah! Nothing has changed. I'm still the essence of who I was yesterday and the day before. Growing yes, learning- yes.  But my core, remains steadfast. I'm really blown away by this. I think this is true for all of us." I'm often aware that beyond my thoughts, beyond the passions and flux of my soul, there's a still, unchanging life that sees and knows. Call it the spirit. Or the will. Someone said that our senses are God's way of experiencing us. Like that.

I just received the Metropolitan Museum of Art Christmas catalog. What don't I want! I'll probably get a box of Christmas cards. This morning brought the first cool breeze of the year, windows open, socks on. I made a big pot of chili. Funny name for a hot dish.