November 8, 2012

Blind sided

I was at Coconut Point mall, truckin’ along in my “chipotle” red All Stars high tops and heading to Starbucks for a double espresso. This blind girl, her guide dog, and her girlfriend are walking my way. They’re talking and laughing, pretty girls, both of them. As they approach, the blind girl looks down, looks up, and says “Fabulous sneakers!” If she wanted to blow my mind, she did.

“Thank you,” I beam.

“Your welcome,” she smiles back, while her girlfriend giggles.

It takes me a moment to realize that they had coordinated their game. But it was still a cool effect. I felt punked and praised at the same time. A bit of a flirt. True, the sneakers have a nice vibe. But perhaps not quite the extrasensory impact implied...