September 1, 2012

Correspondence / 8

The lady in white, yes! I was watching my fav Woody Allen movie, Manhattan Murder Mystery, a couple nights ago and noticed that the newspaper Diane is reading as she and Woody walk into the lobby of their building is the Daily News. I remember it fondly.

I have wimpy wrists too. You can wear anything I can. I mostly liked the watchband - brown leather and olive canvas. Remember your dog, Olive? She puts in an appearance, snapping at the ocean waves, in my story Once Upon A Time In The Sand.

I enjoyed your video - it had a conceptual/minimalist feel, and a nice presence. Your August Break series posts and photos are tres cool. Love the one of the dinosaur menacing the ferris wheel.

Are there many things better than a toasted tomato sandwich?

I like your hair color. Blonde looks best a tad drab, n'est pas? I'd love to see you in a Louise Brooks style bob, maybe a little longer, but not much.

I'd be overwhelmed living immersed in that kind of history. At least at first. I guess after a while the usual concerns and delights of everyday life take the lead, as they do everywhere. I wonder if the wonder of it all isn't more intense when freshly perceived and experienced. The shock of the new. Though maybe the heightened perception never quite fades for non-natives. New York, though I knew it like the veins in my hand, had the perpetual allure that ex-pats feel in adopted locales, though it, too, eventually ran out. Still, like in most relationships, once the initial infatuation and obvious appeal are absorbed, new facets, deeper appreciation, emerge, fascinating excavations. Passions are domesticated and made comfortable.

So it seems Isaak is headed this way, the first in several years. Time to jug up some water and count batteries. Florida weather is exceptionally predictable - except when there's a hurricane. All things considered, it's a tolerable risk. See you on the other side...