August 12, 2012

Correspondence / 7

I'm going to call you Gilly Lillyseed. You could be a character in a fairy tale - tossing seeds, with a graceful swoop, from your magic bag. Then everyone wonders 'where did those flowers come from?'

I like your new photos - the pastiche. The yellow throw and the stripey blanket. Your hair has drabbed out nicely. Cool bangles - there's a slightly industrial touch there.

No, I haven't taken the Myers Brigg test - which strikes me as being probably gratifying, but the way occult knowledge is. A pretty snare. It's related to my aversion to kingdoms.

In my ongoing quest to integrate some more low key athletic activity into my low key life, I started thinking about options featuring more strategy than sweat. I remembered that my neighbor Frank had asked me to join him and his buddies on the local bocce court. So I bought a bocce set and went to the court, after hours, to see if I had any aptitude for the game. I suspected I would. The physics appeals to me. I stayed for about an hour, playing against myself, had some beginner’s luck, and threw many balls that could have been laughed off the court. But I started improving pretty quickly, and have since joined some pick-up games, and practice with my friend Cathy. The Italian guys from New Jersey are a riot. "Hey Fank-ay!" Being welcome amongst them is a nice experience.

"The love of fireworks lies in the mitochondria." Wowzer. The Big Bang is in our cells. Remember that crazy synchronicity at Hooky Beach with Patrick and some of the rest of us? I was in bed last night with Richard Ford's Independence Day, which a friend of mine recommended, and read this...

"Somewhere on the water a boat neither of us can see suddenly becomes a launch pad for a bright, fusey, sparkly projectile that arcs into the inky air and explodes into luminous pink and green effusions that brighten the whole sky like creation's dawn..."

Hello. Co-inky-dink? I think NOT, as Po used to say. Images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes, they call me on and on...