August 1, 2012

Correspondence / 6

Thanks for inspiring me! I went over to your blog and by then you'd posted something a little bitter (one of the four flavors of meditation, as I once noted somewhere), followed by something sweeter. I like a variety of sensations, don't you?

How was the falls? Still there I trust.

"...a cottage bug", heh, I like that. It's true - that's where we saw fireflies. I've never seen one in Florida. But I was changing into my shorts this morning as the day began to warm, and noticed that a little green beetle, clinging to my pant leg, had followed me into the house. I transferred it to the fern on the lanai.

They closed off a half-mile of the city's downtown main drag for the Independence Day festival. My friend Cathy and I went down for a while, and watched the fireworks. I have a fancy that the reason people are thrilled by fireworks is that they touch off some elemental resonance and deep recall of the Big Bang that started it all... Ooooo!  Aaahhh!

It's always cool to realize that somebody has looked in the archives. I like video for the possibilities in gestures, snatches, moments, that extend a bit beyond the the limits of the photograph. And the emotional import of music. Bill Evans is my favorite collaborator - though, of course, he doesn't know that. I saw him once at a small club in Greenwich Village. He played his quiet, tenderly rendered Santa Claus Is Coming To Town that night. You could have heard an ice cube clink.

“New Jersey is like the back of an old radio.” That’s a great line. I just got back from biking to the library to return two books. The only Ford they had was a book of short stories - "A Multitude Of Sins" - so I got that. I'll probably reserve Independence Day. Is that the one you read? It won the Pulitzer.

I hear good things about Moonrise Kingdom. It's in my Netflix queue, though it will probably be a while before I get it. I don't think it's even been released to disc yet. It isn't the kind of big-screen blockbuster I see in the theater, especially with today's prices. If you can wait, we could watch it at chez Jeaux.

I like to play late in the afternoon, around 4:30 to 5, when nobody's there. Tomorrow?