July 18, 2012

To the mall

Look at this watch. It’s a Coleman. The the same outfit that makes kerosene lanterns, tents, and camping chairs. I think it looks better with a few beads.

Maybe I’ll spritz on some Safari, gather up the bud and head down to Coconut Point mall. Sip coffee at a sidewalk table and see what people look like this week. This mall is a world apart, I think it has its own zip code. It’s so gorgeous and peaceful that you feel nothing bad could ever happen there - the corporate rulers won’t let it. That's the illusion, anyway. Its all-out dedication to materialism is both relaxing and fizzy, a glass of Coke. 

As a photographic locale, I like the mall. I like the modernity, the lush manicured foliage, the people, the possibilities for composition in the smart colors and keen sterility. It's not the iconic gritty street of a metropolis. But I find suburbia fascinating, germane, and less explored.