July 15, 2012


My smoke detector in the hall outside the bathroom started going off whenever I take a shower. Even with the bathroom door closed. The first couple of times, I had to jump out of the shower and take it down, lest it alarm the neighbors, and throw it under the blanket on the bed until it calmed down. Then I decided to forestall the shrieking by taking it down before taking a shower. Then I forgot to do it, and it went off and just kept going. I was seriously looking around for a hammer when I remembered to take the battery out. Today I reinstalled the battery and put it back up. It appears to be behaving, at least for now. But I’m wary. What is it warning me about? Don’t use that shampoo? You’d better wash your neck and ears! Stop tying up the bathroom! I still don’t know. My smoke detector is a demented scold.