March 26, 2012


The Augsburg College symphony performed a pops concert at the beach. I’d never heard a live performance of Gounod’s “Funeral march of a marionette” before. They did a nice job, crisp and fey, but not without its missteps, which Squeeze thought improved the experience immensely.

“I love amateur performances,” said Squeeze, sipping his Cran Bam and eyeing the bass player. “Amateur theatrics, amateur sports, amateurism. The more imperfect, the better.”

"Reverse Kabuki."

"Your outside is in when your inside is out..."

“Like when a digression is the best part of a conversation...”

“That’s what I’m getting at. A fabulous tear in the texture of expectations.”

“You have highly evolved taste.”

“I'm beyond refined.”

“Cran Bams and amateur theatrics...”

“What could be better?”