December 16, 2011

Correspondence / 2

I love dumplings! Their moist exterior, and dry inside, is such a delectable reversal of nature. They're anapaleolithic, so I don't get to indulge them much of late. Now I'm hungry for some. I always wanted a second burger too. Birthday cake was overrated. 

Oh no... Not the dreaded skinny-fat! You're young. There's plenty of toning left in your life. And never underestimate the appeal of a touch of zaftig. You're a stylish girl. You'll always have that. I feel better when my weight is under control, though. Lighter = lighter. Body, mind, and soul. And a bit of muscle, which is power, lightens the burden of carnal existence still more. I was thinking recently how when I was a youngster, except when I was sick or injured, I was transparent to myself, my body scarcely existed. I was all perception, desire, fear, and will. Seems the arc of physical life is calibrated against the influence of gravity.  A quick ramp-up to escape velocity followed by a brief orbit, and a slow and inexorable decline.

It's cooler here now, in the 60s, and in the 40s at night. Soon I'll be sleeping with the windows open, in my underwear, and under a couple of quilts. The weight of all that stuff, pinning me into my winter cocoon, is somehow comforting. So unlike summer, and its preference for weightless repose, weightless dreams...