May 5, 2009

Hazel Gravy

It was a more than twenty years ago today. Pat was the girl in the movie.

That's Pat (aka Hazel Gravy, aka Toots) at 5:30

We'd stayed in touch, but hadn't seen one another for some seventeen of those twenty 
something years ago. We were practically inseparable, except for those couple of times when we were done with each other, all those years ago on Staten Island. She came to visit me in Florida on my birthday. Part of me came back to life.

Pat was executive editor for True Romance magazine. I was plying a fledgling public access TV at Staten Island Cable, in our outrider days. Now she has a portfolio, and I have a condo in Florida, but we're still the same rebels... on the inside. Pat works for the state of New York now, booking concerts for Riverbank state park in Harlem, and edits Riverbank Up Close, the park newsletter. She has a way with words.

Boggle on the beach. Tramping around ubermall Coconut Point where Pat bought for me a birthday present of Christopher Buckley's Boomsday at Barnes & Noble. Then it was on to a place called Hemingway's where we lingered over lunch, and some of the most 
brilliant Margaritas of all time, for a couple hours. But mostly we filled the days at Chez Jeaux with what John Lennon said was his favorite thing to do... sit around and talk. There was a lot of catching up to be do. Old friends. New horizons. Time lost and recovered. And I love her.

Extreme wide-angle lenses, held at arm's length, always make you look kinda goofy. 
This was at a sweet local park on a lake where we'd gone to watch the sunset on my birthday.