July 2, 2008

Key of be

When T.E. Lawrence was asked why he liked the desert he replied "It's clean." Sunday I awoke with a yen for Lover's Key. I went alone. There's a remote section of the beach there where the solitude and simplicity whisper vastly, intimately, to my spirit. With my body stripped and sanded, sun-burnished, my soul swims freely to the horizon. I get lost in a primal rapture out here, sweet music of surf and sky, abandoned to divine providence.

"Return of the native."

I heard an osprey scream. I grabbed my camera and looked around. It circled overhead and then swooped down to snag a fish. The raptor's piercing cry seems an ancient exultation.

Washed ashore, the seaweeds reminisce, with delicate scribbles, about the sea.