March 4, 2008

Ten things about me

...that may or may not be interesting. Jef put me up to it.

I hate waste and consider it an aesthetic failure, not just a material one. I get a kick out of devising an imaginative life using cheap, off-the-shelf resources. But I'll drop big bucks on a great camera or a great shirt. The best is never a waste.

I was an artsy-fartsy prodigy early in life and was madly indulged by the adults in my life, and deeply despised by a few. My sophomore year English teacher told me I have too much talent for my own good.

On hot dog day in seventh grade (every Tuesday) I ordered, and ate, five hot dogs.

I've rarely met a recreational drug I didn't like, and have tried most of them. But I find being clear-headed the best high of all, which is actually just another aspect of my thrill-seeking behavior.

I had dinner with my boyfriend and Samuel Barber at my boyfriend's apartment, just the three of us.

I can play three piano pieces from beginning to end: a Bach minuet, Chopin's posthumous a minor waltz, and Can You Read My Mind from Superman.

I have a broken heart.

I boffed a pop celebrity.

I love chocolate, though it will sometimes, and randomly, set off a blistering headache.

I have a headache.