January 18, 2008

By any other name

One day in the summer after I graduated from high school, several friends, Walter & Joseph among them, piled into Billy's van in Ann Arbor Michigan and set out for New York City. We had a sublet lined up and were going to stay for the summer; I wanted to check out a couple of schools. W & J wanted a break from country life. I ended up staying for two decades.


As we drew near the city, we were playing Judy Garland's legendary Carnegie Hall concert. Then, suddenly the city was rising before us... just as Judy launched into Chicago, her fourth encore after 25 songs and two and a half hours on stage in the Big Apple. So that was the soundtrack for our first ever sighting of Manhattan, those three decades ago. Chicago. But somehow, instead of producing a cognitive dissonance, it seemed to fit. Sometimes in a dream I find myself in an idealized and synthesized metropolis, colossal and romantic, in the throb of a dawning adventure.