December 12, 2007

Here, there, and everywhere

After a day in front of a monitor, I took myself out for an airing, taking a few pending snail mails to the post office. The fading day has a rather somber feeling, quiet and sparse. Intimately hushed, like after a rain. I decide to stop by McD and pick up some nuggets. I'm the only one in the drive-through. As I pull up to the window, the girl looks, with eyes as big as headlights, at my Mustang, now eight years old. "I just love that car!" she beams. "It's my favorite." Well, I like it too. We talk about that. She sends me on my way with a blessing, and a smile as big as a sunrise.

At the pick up window, the boy hands me my order, and says thank you. I say thank you. He makes eye contact. "Pleased to meet you!" he says warmly.

Well, that was a nice experience. On to the grocery store. I'm browsing around the produce section when the produce boy comes out with a vegetable cart and starts placing veggies carefully in the bins. He looks at me and says "is there anything I can help you with sir?" Produce guys don't say that. I'm beginning to feel that there is something afoot in the land. Is there an angel on my shoulder? I tell him I'm just browsing for now, thank you. He says "My name is Joe. If you need any help with anything, just ask..."

At the checkout the girl is running out of pennies. She tells the bagger that she needs pennies. She put in the call ages ago, she grouses, and now she's nearly out... Then she holds out her hand with my change, and with a smile says "But I have enough for this guy..."

I walk to my car; the sun has set and a smattering of city lights now reigns meekly over a tender, silent, night. I don't want to go home. I want to stay, here in the company of human beings, until they've all gone home