August 16, 2007

Florida critters

It's a jungle out there. My favorite photographic quarry remains the endemic and unpredictable homo sapien, but once in a while their terrestrial, aquatic, or airborne companions catch my eye...

Iguana mia! A small population of what were probably released pets stalks the canals and mangrove-choked edges of the city.

"A wonderful bird is the pelican; his mouth can hold more than his belly can."

The grasshopper that ate Miami.

The Burrowing owl is the official city mascot. Creating backyard habitats for the protected critter is a popular hobby.

A golden orb weaver. Looks scary, but is only dangerous to the male of the species. Let's not go there.

A crested heron in a mangrove.

The eastern pondhawk dragonfly is an alpha predator.

Florida anglers tend to be a bit territorial.

A hammocktite recumbus. An avid shade dweller.