July 10, 2007

Haiku from the mall / 1 - 9

Christmas in July
but amid the twinkling lights
the usual throngs

Rhaphis palms flutter
in the fountain’s drafty rush
It’s cool as a cave

While his mother shops
the child in the red stroller
calmly picks his nose

Three teen-age girls laugh
The boys in Wendy’s take it
as a compliment

Snatches of music
lurking in ubiquitous
‘cellos: Manilow

The aged couple
holding hands on the oak bench
filled with burning grace

A wren has slipped in
and swoops down to the fountain
she’s afraid to land

A Wiemaramer
sleeps in the pet shop window
I think of Snow White

She shuts the car door
and leaves dangling outside
a swatch of green skirt